Seattle KeyArena 2007 (gig)

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Set list
Black Midi 'Seattle' Manson
Muse show
Venue KeyArena at Seattle Center[1]
Date 9th September 2007[1]
Location Seattle, WA[source?]
Country USA
Songs 17[2]
Support Juliette and the Licks[1]
Start (UTC-7) 20:00[1]
Capacity Unknown
Price (USD) 37.50 (standing), 29.50–37.50 (lower level seated), 29.50 (upper levels seated)[1]
Sold out? Unknown

There were two ticket pre-sales, one by Nokia and one by KNDD.[1] Both were from 10:00 on the 14th June until 22:00 the next day.[1] General sale started 16th June at 09:00.[1]

Marked the debut of Black Midi Manson.

The show

The balloons were released during Plug In Baby.[2]


After Knights of Cydonia Bellamy "Hey Seattle, how're you doing? ... It's good to be back".
After Map of the Problematique "Thank you".
After Hysteria
Howard "Cheers. How's it going Seattle? You look good".
Before Butterflies & Hurricanes "Cheers. Thank you very much".
After Butterflies & Hurricanes Bellamy "Cheers".
After City of Delusion "Thank you"
After Sunburn "Thank you very much".
Howard "Okay, for this next song we want you guys to pull out your cell phones and just swing them in the air. To light this place up. ... Yes, that's it. Very nice".
After Soldier's Poem "Thank you very much. Thank you. You look great".
After Invincible Bellamy "Thank you very much".
After Starlight "Cheers".
After Plug In Baby "Thank you Seattle".
After Take a Bow Howard "Thank you very much Seattle, thank you. ... Time for an old one now I think".
After Stockholm Syndrome Thank you, you guys rock. [?] Seattle, cheers".


An audience recording was made here[registration needed].[3] The lineage of the recording is: "Sonic Studios DSM-6S/L > PA-6LC2 > iRiver iHP-120 > USB > Audition > TLH > flac".[3] This recording is available here as well.



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