Lisbon Bela Vista Park 2008 (gig)

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Festival poster
Muse show
Venue Bela Vista Park [en: Beautiful View Park] (Rock in Rio[1])
Date 6th June 2008[1]
Location Lisbon[1]
Country Portugal
Songs 12
Support Kaiser Chiefs, Orishas[2]
Supported Linkin Park, The Offspring[2]
Start (UTC+1) 21:45[2]
Capacity 90,000
Price (EUR) 53.00[3]
Sold out? Yes

The Rock in Rio website had Muse listed by the 2nd of April,[1] while an official announcement through the Muse website was made on the 15th of April.[4]

When musewire was set up, Sam Sparrow from Muse Management posted a message on the Muse forum about its usage. She then said that they'll give "some live updates from Rock In Rio".[5] The first update was posted at 21:50, stating that the band were on stage playing Knights of Cydonia and giving two video webcast links, only working through a Portuguese proxy.[6]

A new solo was used for Supermassive Black Hole due to kaoss pad failure. A slightly different bass riff was used for Starlight, for the breakout before the last verse. Nishe was played for the first time since 2000 and Matthew Bellamy let the crowd sing the verse before the first chorus from Time Is Running Out.[7] The balloons were released at the end of Plug In Baby.

The second Twitter item, posted after the gig had finished, had Bellamy explain that the strap fell of his guitar during New Born.[8] This resulted in an extended break between the piano intro and the start of the guitar part.[7] Both of the Twitter updates were posted using TwitterBerry on BlackBerry.[6][8]


After Map of the Problematique Bellamy "Boa tarde, obrigado [en: Good afternoon, thank you].
Howard "Como vai Lisboa? [en: How're you doing Lisbon?] It's good to see you guys again.... Hey, hey".
After Supermassive Black Hole Bellamy "Thank you".
Howard "Obrigado [en: Thanks]".
After Ashamed outro "Cheers, thank you very much. ... Someone take a [?] hah [?]"
During Feeling Good intro Bellamy "[?] Lovely, lovely".
After Feeling Good "Thank You".
After Starlight "Obrigado Portugal"
After Take a Bow
Howard "[?] everyone, cheers".


From later to earlier[2]

  • 01:00 – Linkin Park
  • 23:15 – The Offspring
  • 21:45 – Muse
  • 20:15 – Kaiser Chiefs
  • 18:45 – Orishas



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