Monterrey Arena 2008 (gig)

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Muse show
Venue Arena Monterrey[1][2]
Date 16th July 2008[1][2]
Location Monterrey[1][2]
Country Mexico
Songs 16[2]
Support Sexy Marvin[3]
Start (UTC−5) 21:00[4]
Capacity Unknown
Price (MXP) 350.00–850.00[5]
Sold out? Unknown

Iguapop, a concert promoter in Mexico, published on its website[1] two Mexican dates on the 28th of May. The band would play on July 16th in Arena Monterrey. A pre-sale spanning from May 30st to 31st was announced by web magazine La Rocka, along with the price range of tickets—300–850 pesos.[5] Both pre-sale and price range were confirmed by the Muse website on May 30th.[6]

The gig marked the first full play of Dead Star since 19th December 2004 and Space Dementia since 25th April 2005. Balloons were released during Plug In Baby.


After Dead Star Bellamy "Buenas noches Monterrey! Seria grandioso regresar a Mexico!"



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