Cologne E-Werk 2012 (gig)

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Gig poster
Muse in Cologne, 2012
Chris in Cologne, 2012. Seen behind is Morgan's "light-show station"
Muse show
Venue E-Werk[1][2]
Date 20th September 2012[1][2]
Location Cologne, NW[1][2]
Country Germany
Songs 16[3]
Support None
Start (UTC+2) 20:00[2], 19:00[2] (doors)
Capacity 2000
Price (EUR) 59[2]
Sold out? Yes

First proper gig of the The 2nd Law era.


Announced on the 7th of September 2012, Muse opened The 2nd Law touring with an intimate sold out concert inside E-Werk in Cologne.[1] Ticket sale began on 11th of September at 10:00 local time.[1][2] held a lottery in which ten pairs of tickets were given away.[1]

The gig was broadcast by 1LIVE on 27th September.[1][2]

Being their first solo gig of the T2L era, Supremacy, Panic Station, Animals and Save Me were all performed for the first time.

This gig marked the debut of the Manson Black 7 String and the '77 Fender Jazz Bass. Morgan's light-show set up was also used for the first time.



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