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Dom with the names Leaked
Muse song
Name Follow Me
Length 3:51
Alternative titles -
First live performance 19th September 2012
Latest live performance 13th December 2013
Recorded 2011-2012
Writer/composer Matthew Bellamy
Producer Muse, Nero



The beginning of the track features Bing Bellamy's heartbeat, recorded on Bellamy's iPhone.[1] According to Bellamy, the song will be about 'having a baby and that.' This was later confirmed in an NME article where the song was described as Matt's 'ode to fatherhood.'

According to a French magazine, Jeuxactu, the song starts quietly and crescendos into an almost dancefloor beat with big bass. They have also stated that the track is "out of the ordinary."[2]

The band collaborated with Nero on production to help create a more successful electronic mix of the song.

Matt's vocal range in the song spans from G2 to B♭4, the widest modal range displayed in an album song.


By error of Bellamy, Howard, Wolstenholme or Kirk, the name of the song was leaked by a photo on Twitter, until it was deleted.

The song was used as background music of the National League Championship Series pre-game show.

An instrumental version of the song is featured during the credits of the film World War Z.

Hidden Bonus

Frame of "Follow Me" lyric video between 1:42 and 1:43 that reveal the website address ""

If you look between 1:42 and 1:43 of the "Follow Me (Lyric Video)" [1] YouTube posted by Muse, you can see something like a "bug", kind of white computer screen, at this moment, on the bottom, right, you can see a website address "" Go to this address there is a gift from Muse, you can download the audio of "Follow Me" recorded at the O2 arena on the 27th of October.


Follow Me is a standard pop song with electronic and dubstep elements which made it a good candidate for a single. As a result, during The 2nd Law Tour it would make consistent appearances at nearly every gig, the second highest performance count from that era of any song with the sole exception of Madness. After 2013, however, it has yet to make a single appearance in a live concert. Alongside other singles Survival, Supremacy and Panic Station, it has rarely made an appearance since. The band revealed that many songs from The 2nd Law wouldn't be performed again because of being "complicated to perform live" (this most likely refers to Survival and Follow Me).

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When darkness falls

And surrounds you When you fall down When you’re scared And you’re lost Be brave I'm coming to hold you now When all your strength has gone And you feel wrong Like your life has slipped away

Follow me You can follow me And I will not desert you now When your fire’s died out No one’s there They have left you for dead

Follow me You can follow me I will keep you safe Follow me You can follow me I will protect you

I won’t let them hurt They're hurting you, no Ooh yeah When your heart is breaking

You can follow me You can follow me I will always keep you safe Follow me You can trust in me I will always protect you, my love Feel my love Feel my love.


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