Status Kitara Doubleneck Bass

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Chris Wolstenholme playing the Doubleneck Bass
Chris Wolstenholme's Doubleneck Bass
Chris Wolstenholme's Doubleneck Bass up close
Status/Kitara Doubleneck Bass
Manufacturer Status Graphite/Misa
Used 2012-09-13
Body type Alder encased in one-piece graphite composite
Neck joint Woven graphite neck (bolt-on)
Body covering High gloss lacquer/matte lacquer
Wood Alder
Bridge Headless mono-rail bridge / tuners
Electronics Master volume, pickup blend control (likely)
Pickup(s) 2 Status soap-bar pickups (likely)
Special circuits Top half of the bass is a kitara, cut to fit the wood frame

Chris uses this bass for the song Madness. It is incredibly unique in that the top half of the bass is a Misa Kitara, cut to fit the wood frame, and the bottom half is a Status S2-Classic headless. The bass is likely tuned to EADG standard. It debuted at the SVT on the 13th of September 2012 where it was used for Madness.

Chris has three basses built in case of failure

During the Drones tour, the Mk2 version was built due to the Mk1 version breaking constantly on tour.


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