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I'm a long time fan of Muse as well as other bands, and a collector of muse items. I play drums, keyboards, write lyrics and am taking up the guitar for some silly reason. Can be found usually making posts on muselive, .mu board, twitter etc, going to gigs, working as an IT professional, all round geek, run, go to gym and like a good drink.

I spearheaded the "This Is A Muse Demo" tape drive in 2011, what with behind the scenes organisation with key people (Niall , Giuseppa) and representitives of Muselive, .mu, musebootlegs and of course Muse Collectors. My idea was to reward donators with HQ rips and to ultimately release the songs one by one. After watching the tape sit on a ridicuously high starting price, and several bids before the close of auction, the tape ended up in the hands of Ethan for a measly sum of 4,241.00



London Roundhouse 2012 (gig)
2011 Reading Festival
London Wembley Stadium 2010 - 10th (gig)
London Wembley Stadium 2010 - 11th (gig)
Birmingham National Indoor Arena 2009 (gig)
Chelmsford Hylands Park 2008 (gig) *


Montpellier Park&Suites Arena 2012 (gig)
Paris Palais Omnisports de Paris-Bercy 2012 (gig)
Glasgow Scottish Exhibition and Conference Centre 2012 (gig)
London O2 Arena - 26th 2012 (gig)
London O2 Arena - 27th 2012 (gig)
Birmingham LG Arena 2012 (gig)
Manchester Arena 2012 (gig)
Amsterdam Ziggo Dome 2012 (gig)
Antwerp Sportpaleis 2012 (gig)

  • - Had tickets, unable to attend

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Adam Taylor
Adrian Bushby
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Capitol Studios
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Montpellier Park&Suites Arena
Muse Audio Crew
Nigel Pepper
Oliver Gross
Oli Metcalfe
Paddy Hocken
Paul English
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Peter Horne
Phil Korthals
Reuben Pinkney
Richard Gibson
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Showbiz (Maverick US Press Kit)
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Stuart Heaney
Stuart Quinnell
Suite Studio
Ted Bible
The Roundhouse
The 2nd Law (French Press Kit)
Unsustainable (video)
Tommaso Colliva
Tony Duncan
Whales In Cubicles


  • Management
  • Tour Staff
  • Lighting Designer
  • Press Kit

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