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Dennis Smith is the Founder of the Dangerous Records record label, and current owner of the Sawmills Studio in Cornwall England.
He also co-founded Taste Media along with Safta Jaffery.

According to Chris, He was one of the two people (the other being Jill Bird) who were very important in the early development of the band

In October of 1995 Dennis heard about the band and called them to arrange coming to see Muse at a gig: "We happened to have a gig in Cornwall somewhere that week and he came along. Although he liked some of what we did, he told us that we had a lot of developing to do and, when he felt the time was right, he would put us in the studio for a few days to record an EP to release on his label. Over the next two years Dennis came to almost every gig we did in Devon and Cornwall and dangled the studio carrot in front of us, which obviously inspired us to tighten up and work as hard as we could." said Chris.

"Some time in early 96, we had a particularly good gig at the Cavern Club in Exeter. Just as we thought that maybe all of this talk of the studio was never going to come to fruition, Dennis walked in the dressing room, obviously impressed by the gig, and told us he had set aside a week in May for us to use the studio.

That Muse's first experience of a proper studio and made them realise how good they could sound.

"Those recordings ultimately led to us getting a record deal in the US which basically kick-started the bands career. If Dennis had not shown that belief in us so early on, and pushed us to improve, its debatable whether the band would be here today."[1]

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