Chelmsford Hylands Park 2008 (gig)

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Festival poster
Muse show
Venue Hylands Park[1] (V Festival[2]—main stage headline[2])
Date 16th August 2008[2]
Location Chelmsford[2]
Country United Kingdom
Songs 15[3]
  • Stereophonics, The Kooks, Maxïmo Park[4] »
  • Alanis Morissette, The Futureheads[4]
Start (UTC+1) 21:20 (Muse)[5]
Capacity Unknown
Price (GBP) 145.00 (camping), 125.00 (weekend), 70.00 (one day)[6]
Sold out? Unknown

A user of Drowning in Sound claimed on the 21st of January that a "reliable industry source" indicated that Muse would be headlining V Festival 2008.[7] Three days later, Glastonbury organiser Michael Eavis commented that he'd heard that Muse were playing V Festival.[8] In the comment, he appeared unsure - this belief may have derived from rumours started by the aforementioned claim.[7][8] Following Eavis' comment, eFestivals listed Muse as a "strong rumour".[9] However, on the 29th of January they removed Muse.[9] The next day, an eFestivals admin stated they had information that Muse were not going to play V Festival 2008.[10] This information proved to be false, as on the 12th of February, the Muse website announced Muse would be playing V Festival 2008.[2]

The first pre-sale took place on the 3rd of March, for customers of Virgin Media or Virgin Mobile services only. A second pre-sale spanned the hour before general sale, at 09:00 on the 7th of March.[11] Tickets went on sale the same day[2] at 10:00.[12]

Matthew Bellamy initially said in the June 2008 issue of Q magazine that "a couple of new songs should be played",[source?] but later recanted during a July after-show party, wherein he stated that no new music would be played live this year.[13] As previously hinted at,[source?] the band submitted a plan to the festival's health and safety personnel, for a "stunt" involving a model UFO approaching the stage. This plan was rejected.[14]

Bellamy wore red, Wolstenholme wore black and white and Dominic Howard wore a black shirt with blue trousers. Bellamy tossed his Manson Chrome Bomber across the stage at the end of Knights of Cydonia.


After Knights of Cydonia Bellamy "Thank you!"
Howard "You guys rock, we love you.... Take care, see you again, cheers".


A pro-video shot of Dead Star was released as a form of a Christmas gift. Hysteria, Knights Of Cydonia and Supermassive Black Hole were shown on 4Music.



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