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Muse song
Name Falling Down
Length 4:34
Alternative titles -
First live performance 17th February 1999 (first known performance)
Latest live performance 11th December 2012
Recorded 1999
Writer/composer Matthew Bellamy
Producer John Leckie



Sad, slow, and jazzy. Not much information is available regarding the origins of this song except that it was written far later than most of the other songs on the album, likely originating in late 1998. It made sporadic appearances during both the 1999 and 2000 tours but had no known performances before and after that for many years. Falling Down was likely performed a handful of times in 1998, but this can't be confirmed because the two known 1998 set lists do not feature the song. Alongside Overdue and Escape, Falling Down did not reappear for the Origin of Symmetry tour.


A song about growing up in Teignmouth.[1]

Acording to Bellamy, the words came in first place, instead of the music in first. It's one of the Two Songs in where the words came first, instead of the music in first place.[2]

Bellamy said it was about his teenage years growing up in "a boring little town that didn't have anything to offer me. "The only time the town came to life was during the summer when it turned into a vacation spot for visiting Londoners. When the summer ended they left and took all the life with them. "I felt so trapped there. My friends were either getting into drugs or music, but I gravitated towards the latter and eventually learned how to play. "That became my escape. If it weren't for the band, I would probably have turned to drugs myself."

Bellamy has also said that parts of the song is about blowing up Teignmouth.[3] "It's actually, well, 15,000 people is the population of the town where we're from. Seaside towns are not great places to grow up in. They're very nice places where you can leave your doors open and all that, but it's just got a small town vibe about it. I think some of the song was actually about wanting to blow it up!" “Falling Down” also describes the 15000 citizens of the town in another way, how they never gave Muse a chance (you would never hear me sing).

In 2012, Bellamy tweeted that they may play the song live again "at some point".[4] This happened on 16th October 2012 in Montpellier, the first time since 3rd November 2000. There haven't been many performances of this song, but has been returned in The 2nd Law tour setlist, along with Sunburn.


Falling Down is one of the newest songs on Showbiz, making no known appearances live before 1999. Performed for just two years, Falling Down was rather common in both 1999 and 2000 before it was dropped from setlists. Falling Down was often very long, over five minutes in length normally, and the song wasn't huge with fans at the time. It was likely not too much of a loss for the band to stop performing it.

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I’m falling down

And fifteen thousand people scream They were all begging for your dream I’m falling down Five thousand houses burning down No-one is gonna save this town

Too late I already found what I was looking for You know it wasn’t here No it wasn’t here

I was calling your name But you would never hear me sing You wouldn’t let me begin So I’m crawling away 'Cause you broke my heart in two, yeahh No, I will not forget you

Too late I already found what I was looking for You know it wasn’t you No, it wasn’t you Noooooo

Falling away You would never see me through No, I could not forget you Falling down A thousand houses burning down No-one is gonna save this town

Too late I already found what I was looking for You know it wasn’t you No, it wasn’t you Noooooo

Falling down Now the world is upside down I’m heading straight for the clouds


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