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Song Programme/film Description
Sunburn BBC Sport coverage (Golf) Viewing holes during The Open.
The Truth About Tanning (BBC Three) Used during programme.
Advert Apple's iMac. watch
ITV F1 Coverage (German GP 2008) Used in a feature about classic F1 cars during the pre-race buildup.
Dancing On Ice Played during 24 Jan 2010's programme, over clips of a skater training
James May's Toy Stories Intro played during the Plasticine episode (towards the end of the show).
Muscle Museum One and Network 10 (AFL Grand Final 2009) Played during the pre-game show as the crowds entered the stadium.
Cave Little Nicky (film)[1] OST and a short clip in the Ending Credits.
Horizon (2010-11) Episode 8, What Is One Degree? Piano used throughout the programme
Showbiz Being Human (TV Series) Episode 1x02
Sober Gran Turismo 3 (video game) The remix version of Sober referred to as "Sober (Saint US Mix)" was used in this video game.listen


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