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Matthew Bellamy Song
Name Pray
Album/single For The Throne, Cryosleep (alternative version w/ no voiceover)
Length 3:54
Alternative titles Pray (High Valyrian)
First live performance 22nd February 2019
Latest live performance 15th October 2019
Recorded 2018/19
Writer/composer Matthew Bellamy, David Benioff, Daniel Brett Weiss
Producer Matthew Bellamy, Sebastien Najand, Aleks Von Korff, Ricky Reed



A cinematic orchestral piece written by Bellamy for Game of Thrones. The song was released on April 26th, 2019.[1]

Matt also thought it fit well in the Simulation Theory world tour sets as an interlude to The Dark Side, and features Matt on pre-recorded vocals with Chris and Dom playing concert bass drums.

Alongside an orchestra it also features a choir, a piano and a faint synth, similar to the one at the end of The Void, doubling the piano melody.

Alongside Bellamy's English singing, Pray also includes a spoken word, parts of Melisandre's Jon Snow's Prayer (performed by actress Carice van Houten), written in High Valyrian, a fictional language from the Game of Thrones series, hence the song's longer title.

Cryosleep version

It was announced by Bellamy on April 7th, 2021[2], that he will be releasing "Cryosleep", a limited-edition picture disc, which will, alongside Take A Bow (Four Hands Piano) and Guiding Light (On Jeff Buckley's Guitar) feature a version of Pray without Game of Thrones vocals.

The short EP will be released on July 16th, 2021, as part of Record Store Day and is going to feature a 12" disc with a music booklet.

Additional Information

According to official credits, the song was co-composed by Game of Thrones TV Series creators Dan Weiss and David Benioff. The song was co-produced, mixed and mastered by Sebastian Najand, who previously produced an alternate reality version of Algorithm for Simulation Theory. Additionally, the song was engineered by Adam Hawkins, who did engineering and mixing on Simulation Theory aswell.

It was compared to The Void, and also the intro used on Resistance tour, "We Are The Universe".

(The following sentence contains spoilers) As with all the songs on the For The Throne compilation album, having easter eggs/clues to the last season of Game of Thrones, the lyrics and the addition of the spoken word are likely referencing Daenerys’s death.

A slightly different, more synthey version of the song was used during the 2020's Simulation Theory Film.


A shortened version of it (the last verse, without the spoken word) made the live debut in the first show of the Simulation Theory Tour, in Houston, Dom and Chris playing big drums. The rest was played as a tape. You can see more info here.


Intro (Spoken word in Valyrian): Zyhys oñoso jehikagon Aeksiot epi

Chorus: We will pray Pray with me We can bring her back Pray, remember me

Verse (Spoken word): Zyhys perzys stepagon Aeksio Oño jorepi, se morghultas lys qelitsos sikagon. Hen syndrorro, oños. Hen perzys, hen ñuqir, perzys. Hen syndrorro, oños. Hen ñuqir, perzys. Hen morghot, glaeson.

Chorus: We will pray Pray with, with me We can bring her back Pray, pray Pray with me

Outro (Spoken word): Hen ñuqir, perzys. Hen syndrorro, oños. Hen morghot, glaeson. Please.

Translated from Valyrian:

Intro: We ask the Lord to shine his light

Chorus: We will pray Pray with me We can bring her back Pray, remember me

Verse: We beg the Lord to share his fire, and light a candle that has gone out. From darkness, light. From ashes, fire. From death, life.

Chorus: We will pray Pray with, with me We can bring her back Pray, pray Pray with me

Outro: From ashes, fire. From death, life. Please.


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