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Muse song
Name The Handler
Album/single Drones (6)
Length 4:33
Alternative titles
First live performance 13th June 2015
Latest live performance 21st September 2018 (full), 15th October 2019 (shortened)
Recorded 2014/2015 - The Warehouse Studio, Vancouver, Canada
Writer/composer Matthew Bellamy
Producer Muse, Robert "Mutt" Lange



According to Matt “The Handler” are those agents who try to control people, the song and especially the word “Trance formation” it’s a reference to “Trance Formation of America” by Cathy O’Brien, a book about 40’s to 70’s CIA experiments in brainwashing that matt read.[1]

It premiered on BBC Radio 1 on June 1st, 2015 and was later available to download for those who pre-ordered the album. It is a dramatic song with falsetto vocals, heavy octave/arpeggio riffage and an intense middle section.

The Handler features a middle section that harks back to In Your World, as well as the title track of Showbiz, and Matt says "The lyrics are almost a question-and-answer with that song."[2] This is most definitely a reference to the line "I won't let you control my feelings anymore", as a similar line can be found in the song Showbiz.

In this song, the hero of the story realizes that he doesn't want to be controlled[3] and begins to rebel. Matt makes frequent use of his falsetto in this song. It features a long a solo riff, and the drums have been described as slow and massive.[4]

According to interviews and conversations with Musers this is both Chris's and Dom's favourite track of the album. while Matt's favourite track is The Globalist.


The Handler is not only a fan favourite, but both Chris and Dom's favourite song off of Drones. As a result, after its debut at Download Festival 2015, it has been played routinely at nearly every gig since. Apart from promotional gigs and a series of four Asian gigs where the band could not perform the song for political reasons, it was played at every post-Download gig in 2015. Due to its high status with fans and the band, it is unlikely that The Handler will be dropped from setlists anytime soon.

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You were my oppressor And I, I have been programmed to obey Now, you are my handler And I, I will execute your demands

Leave me alone I must disassociate from you

Behold my trance formation And you are empowered to do as you please My mind was lost in translation And my heart has become a cold and impassive machine

Leave me alone I must disassociate from you

I won't let you control my feelings any more I will no longer do as I am told I am no longer afraid to walk alone Let me go, let me be

I'm escaping from your grip You will never own me again


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