Nulle Parts Ailleurs 2000 (gig)

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Matt and Chris during the performance
Matt during the Ashamed outro
Matt singing
A shot of the whole band playing
Muse show
Venue Studios Rive Gauche[1] (Nulle Part Ailleurs[1])
Date 5th January 2000[2]
Location Paris[3]
Country France
Songs 1[4]
Support Unknown
Start Unknown
Capacity Unknown
Price -[source?]
Sold out? -[source?]

First show of 2000 and Muse's second NPA performance.[2] The Ashamed riff was performed for the first time as an outro to Muscle Museum, which would only happen again at promotional concerts such as this and never during a venue performance. Immediately following this performance, Ashamed would be used as the outro to Showbiz at almost every concert until the beginning of 2002.

The video recording of this performance can be found below.


Before Muscle Museum Bellamy "Hello, this song is Muscle Museum".



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