London Air Studios 2012 (gig)

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Muse performing for Live Lounge
BBC Radio 1 staff in the studio
Audience in the control room
Muse show
Venue Studio 1,[note 1][1][2][3] Air Studios[4] (BBC Radio 1's Live Lounge[5][6])
Date 28th September 2012[5][6]
Location London[7]
Country United Kingdom
Songs 6[2]
Support None
Start (UTC+1) 11:00[note 2][8]
Capacity 20[note 3][5][6]
Price Free[9]
Sold out? Yes[10]

A short radio promo gig in support of The 2nd Law.


First Muse performance for BBC's Live Lounge.

Muse performed a Live Session 'special', recorded on the 28th of September[1][4] and broadcast later the same day on BBC Radio 1.[5][6]

10 pairs of tickets were distributed through a lottery by the BBC.[5][6]

Matt's white upright piano was present on the set but it was not used for any song. It's possible that the band were set to play a piano song, such as Explorers, but decided against it for unknown reasons.


After Madness Bellamy "Cheers".[2]
Before Sign o' the Tmes "We're gonna play like a weird cover song now. Prince".[2]
After Sign o' the Times Sara Cox "You're listening to BBC Radio 1, to Muse's Live Lounge. That was a cover of Prince's 'Sign of the Times'. Final one from them now. This is so good".[2]
After Starlight Bellamy "Cheers!"[2]



  1. Inferred by comparing the photograph tweeted by Sara Cox and the BBC video on YouTube with photographs on the AIR Studios website.
  2. Time at which the broadcast started.
  3. Number of tickets.


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