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My name's Josh, I live in Newquay, in Cornwall. I'm 19, and I am a professional college dropout.

MSN - Frozenjakalope/\a\/t/\hotmail/\D\O/T/com

Non-Muse music

I love Smashing Pumpkins, Korn, Jakalope, Klaxons, Hot Chip, Get Cape, Arctic Monkeys and a lot more I'm not going to bother to list. I'm always open to new music suggestions, so send them my way.


I have 6 at the moment, with a seventh on the way this summer. The ones I have now are a Tele Thinline, an Epi SG-400 Special, an AXL Strat Crystal, a Parkinson Acoustic, an Encore nylon-stringed acoustic, and a Walden cutaway electroacoustic. I play far more than is healthy, really.

Muse-y things

Generic things I feel obligated to put here, being a fan-site such as this is.


Favourite songs off each album:

Showbiz/ Unintended

Hyper Music/ Micro Cuts

Dead Star/ In Your World

Blackout/ Ruled By Secrecy

Map of the Problematique/ Hoodoo


My favourite song to play is Blackout.


Dream Set

Because bands play 27-song sets all the time >__>

  1. Close Encounters intro+Knights of Cydonia+Space Dementia outro
  2. Hysteria
  3. The Groove
  4. Sunburn (Guitar+piano version from One Big Weekend '06)
  5. Man of Mystery
  6. Muscle Museum
  7. Dead Star
  8. Citizen Erased
  9. Feeling Good (But he'd need to use a decent tone on the piano, I hate the live tone he uses)
  10. Ruled By Secrecy
  11. Hoodoo
  12. New Born+Microphone Fiend riff+Ashamed outro
  13. Starlight (Matt doing the main melody)
  14. Invincible (Downtempo)
  15. Osaka Jam (Without Matt joining in, thanks)
  16. Supermassive Black Hole (Guitar solo, and with Matt doing the "SUPERMASSIVE BLACK HOLE!" bits)
  17. Forced In+Bliss
  18. In Your World
  19. Whole Lotta Love jam+Bombtrack riff+Jimmy Jam+Voodoo Child (Slight Return) riff+Time Is Running Out+Hangar 18 outro
  20. Stockholm Syndrome+Township Rebellion riff+Agitated outro
  21. Burning Bridges+Plug in Baby
  22. Micro Cuts


  1. Megalomania
  2. Map of the Problematique+Maggie's Farm outro
  3. Hyper Music (I Don't Love You version)
  4. Blackout
  5. Take a Bow