St Austell Eden Project 2006 (gig)

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Set list
Muse show
Venue Eden Project[source?]
Date 22nd August 2006[source?]
Location Boldeva, St Austell[source?]
Country United Kingdom
Songs 16[source?]
Support Hey Molly, Nixon and the Burn[source?]
Start (UTC+1) 19:20[source?]
Capacity 6,000[source?]
Price (GBP) 33.00[source?]
Sold out? Yes[source?]

Tickets went on sale on the 25th of June 2006 at 12:00.


Two people recorded this concert.

One was Pete Bullock ('Petrock2000'). This recorder recorded through an OKMIIR into a Sony MZ-G750 in LP2 mode. This is available here. As well as this recording, this person recorded the IEM (In Ear Monitor), however he will only trade this for other IEM recordings. Of the IEM recording, only a sample of Hysteria was released in mp3 format. This was the first concert where the kaoss pad was used during the Supermassive black hole solo. [1]


Both the support acts were winners of a competition to find quality local bands. They were (in order of appearance):

  • Hey Molly
  • Nixon and the Burn


Before Showbiz Bellamy "This is one we wrote not too far from here"*
After Hysteria "Thank you Cornwall! Of all the places...."
Howard " Thank you Cornwall! Thank you very much. ... It's a great pleasure to come home. Thanks very much for coming down today. ... Thank you".
After Take a Bow "Cheers! You guys fucking rocked right down there. [points and circles the crowd] There was some serious shit right there.

* A reference to Sawmills studio, which is close to Eden. Residents of the Fowey area where Sawmills is located said that they could make out "that song about the big holes".



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