Forced In (song)

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Muse song
Name Forced In
Album/single Uno (3), Random 1-8 (4), Hullabaloo Soundtrack (1)
Length 5:10, 4:18 (Hullabaloo Soundtrack)
Alternative titles Forced Inward [1]
First live performance 10th November 2003
Latest live performance 17th June 2007
Recorded The Airfield, March 1999
Writer/composer Matthew Bellamy
Producer Paul Reeve


A sinister sounding light track with vocal distortion and recorded sound effects.

Music trivia

From 3.50 a busy street can be heard, including a motorbike, children and footsteps.

The opening riff of Oceansize's "I Am the Morning", from debut album Effloresce (2003), bares resemblance to the melody of "Forced In". The recorded versions of both songs are also the same length, 4:18. This suggests that Oceansize, who along with Muse are oft-placed within the New prog genre, may have been influenced by Muse's earlier work.

This song is sometimes listed as being "instrumental", despite the clearly audible, albeit distorted, vocals.


Played primarily at many gigs in the 2006 tour usually as the staple intro to "Bliss", though without vocals. Latterly it was played before songs other than "Bliss".

During 2010's Wembley Stadium shows, the song was played on the screens as a prelude to "Take a Bow". The video, directed by Si Bennett, featured grainy footage of teddy bears in night vision, and can be seen online here. The video features "The Teddy Bear's Picnic" by Henry Hall & His Orchestra, while "Forced In" was dubbed over the top.

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Push me in

Into greed Force me in Into greed Squeeze me in Into greed

Ah ooh Aah ooh

Break me in Ah ooh

Push me in Into greed Force me in Into greed Squeeze me in Into greed


The verse is absent at the track's end.


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