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Muse song
Name In Your World
Length 2:34
Alternative titles My World [1]
First live performance 4th October 2001
Latest live performance 26th July 2002
Recorded 2002
Writer/composer Matthew Bellamy
Producer John Cornfield
Chart position 13



Matt said that the meaning of In Your World along with Dead Star it's about "how we should be responsible for our individual actions and not blame other people all the time" and added "I believe in the butterfly, or ripple, effect and that any individual's actions will have a cause and effect that they may not know about, not just on the people near them, but on others; sixth degrees of separation and all that. And that's what the songs are about."[2]

Much shorter than the average Muse songs which, like Dead Star, allowed it to receive more radio play.

The song takes an influence from Bach, specifically, from Toccata and Fugue in D minor.


In Your World was supposedly written while the band were on break from touring in September 2001 after the aftermath of 9/11. Its live debut took place only as matter of weeks away in October 2001 when In Your World made appearances at the majority of gigs following that point. Until mid-2002, In Your World was nearly guaranteed to be performed at every concert. Something happened, though, and the band stopped performing it live just after releasing it as a single. In Your World was one of the least-performed singles, as a result.

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Coincidentally, the main riff for In Your World is very similar to part of the music for Level 5 of the original Castlevania game. It also bears strong similarity to the riff of the Beatsteaks song "Shut Up Stand Up". The Riff also bears some similarity to the Nirvana song "Drain You".


I'm hurting you again

Too lonely to pretend Like everything is new I promise you to Blow it all away

In your world No one is crying alone In your world No one is dying alone

Too broken to belong Too weak to sing along I'll comfort you my friend Helping you to Blow it all away

In your world No one is crying alone In your world No one is dying alone


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