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Muse song
Name Twin
Length 3:19 (Twin), 2:55 (Balloonatic)
Alternative titles Balloonatic
First live performance 11th January 2000
Latest live performance 24th February 2000
Recorded Newton Abbot 1996 (Balloonatic), 1999
Writer/composer Matthew Bellamy
Producer Unknown


Additional information

First recorded as "Balloonatic", this was very first song Muse released, in 1997, on the Helping You Back to Work Volume 1 compilation. It was recorded in late 1996 and is included on the Newton Abbot demo. By the time "Twin" was released, Matthew Bellamy claims he was unaware that it had ever been released under the name "Balloonatic".[1] Matt has addressed this version, alongside "Do We Need This" and the "Cave" remix, as "crap".[2]

The name "Balloonatic" came from a children's television programme at the time the music was written. Matthew Bellamy stated that after he wrote the lyrics, the song was renamed "Twin",[1] although complete versions of the song were in fact released under both titles, albeit with somewhat different lyrics in each.

The bass-line to this song bears similarity with Radiohead's "My Iron Lung" or Nirvana´s "Heart Shaped Box".


Twin has only been played at two confirmed gigs, on January 11th 2000 and February 24th 2000. It is very likely though that the song has been played at gigs before this especially when considering the age of the song by then. As several gigs with unknown setlists were only a few days apart from these gigs, there is a chance that Twin was played more than twice in 2000.

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Music trivia

At 0:08, Bellamy can be heard giggling.


Your warmth

Your warmth is so deep, Your gaze beams a hole into me

Controlling again Unseparated twins Controlling again

You've sucked All the breath out of me You'll squeeze all the life out of me

Controlling again Unseparated twins Controlling again

Controlling again Unseparated twins You might've been...

Come gentle, slowly, Down tonight


You came,

You came, you scorched her You came, unstained you adore her

United again Like separated twins United again

You You will remember She knows, she knows you want her

United again Like separated twins United again

United again Like separated twins You can be...

Come gentle, slowly, Down tonight


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