Helping You Back to Work volume 1 (compilation)

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Cover art
Name Helping You Back to Work volume 1[1]
Tracks 22[2]
Total length Unknown
Recorded 1996–1997[3]
Writer/composer Matthew Bellamy et al.
Producer Muse et al.
Art work Ben Turner[3]
Publisher Lockjaw Records[1][2][4]
Format(s) CD[2][4]
Catalogue № LJCD 003[2][5]
Release date 14th July 1997[4]
compilation chronology
Helping You Back to Work volume 1
Unsigned CD – In the City Live


Shortly after Lockjaw was founded in February 1997,[6] the label released this compilation, which included the first commercial Muse recording, an early version of Twin. The recording came from a recording session at Coombeshead Studios,[3] Newton Abbot in late 1996. As well as Balloonatic, Muse recorded another ten songs found on the Newton Abbot demo.

Shortly afterwards, then Muse manager Philip Korthals asked Lockjaw if they would sign Muse to release Muse's first single.[6] Lockjaw declined, due to having just started and thus having insufficient funds to do so.[6] Korthals' name can be seen on the compilation's insert.[3]

Track list

  1. Babies 3 – Think for Yourself
  2. Tetsuo – Blunt
  3. Lockdown – Friend
  4. Split Screen – Procrastinate
  5. Hydra – Waking Up Drunk
  6. Thirdrate – Tube
  7. Freebase – Blame
  8. Tribute to Nothing – Clamp
  9. Monkey Boy – Death of a Stuntman
  10. Agent 'O' – Empty
  11. Leech Woman – Ova
  12. Choke TV – Bad Car Wreck
  13. Cynical Smile – Brit-Vic
  14. Vest – Strong Room
  15. Set Against – In Cold Blood
  16. Callous – Nil by Mouth
  17. Repulse – 2/10
  18. Tiananmen – Rundown
  19. Subvert – Material Gain
  20. Labrat – Apology
  21. Muse – Balloonatic
  22. Devices – Splifford



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