Balloonatic (song)

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Muse song
Name Balloonatic
Length 2:59
Alternative titles
First live performance Unknown
Latest live performance Unknown
Recorded 1996
Writer/composer Matthew Bellamy
Producer Unknown
Chart position N/A



Balloonatic is an early version of the song "Twin", recorded but never released to album in 1996, but was released in 1997 on the Helping You Back to Work Volume 1, and was also featured on the Newton Abbot demo.

The name "Balloonatic" came from a children's television show.

Matthew Bellamy was unaware that this version of Twin had ever been released and quoted it, along with a few other songs, as "crap".


You came,

You came, you scorched her You came, unstained you adore her

United again Like separated twins United again

You You will remember She knows, she knows you want her

United again Like separated twins United again

United again Like separated twins You can be...

Come gentle, slowly, Down tonight...