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Muse show
Venue Roskilde fairgrounds[1] (Roskilde Festival[2][3]—Orange Scene[4])
Date 3rd July 2010[source?]
Location Roskilde[2]
Country Denmark
Songs 15[source?]
Support Unknown
Start (UTC+2) 22:30[4]
Capacity About 90,000 (60,000)[source?]
Price (DKK) 850.00 (1 day), 1675.00 (entire festival)[5]
Sold out? Unknown

The Roskilde Festival website announced on the 5th of December that Muse would be one of the headline artists during Roskilde Festival 2010.[2] On the 11th of June, the Roskilde programme was announced, in which Muse was slated for a 22:30 performance on the 3rd, on Orange Scene (Orange Stage).[4]

During one of the choruses of Time Is Running Out, Matthew Bellamy seemingly tried to replace part of "You can't push it underground" with a Danish substitute.

The most voted songs on the official set-list polls were Citizen Erased, Bliss, Assassin, Knights of Cydonia and Showbiz, only the fourth of which was ultimately played during the gig.


Five songs were broadcast on Swedish radio station Sveriges Radio P3. These can be found here[registration needed].



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