Pink Ego Box (song)

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Muse song
Name Pink Ego Box
Album/single Muscle Museum EP (5), Muscle Museum CD2 (2), Random 1-8 (3)
Length 3:32
Alternative titles Instant Messenger
First live performance 1997
Latest live performance Unknown
Recorded 1999
Writer/composer Matthew Bellamy
Producer John Leckie



An early Muse song about online relationships. The opening guitar riff and melody are simple but become heavier at the very end. The outro riff is somewhat similar to that of Ashamed.

Additional information

The original version, released on the Muscle Museum EP under the name "Instant Messenger," featured the AOL voice saying "You've got post" at 0:24. However, due to legal pressure from the aforementioned company, this was removed for future releases, and the song was renamed "Pink Ego Box."

The version found on Origin of Muse seems to be a mix of these versions, retaining both the AOL voice and the final song name. Since the song appears only once in the box set, this may be considered the decisive version.


No video recordings have surfaced of this song even though one video bootleg of the 07/12/1999 gig exists (the owner is too greedy to share it and it is likely the public will never see its release). It is unlikely Pink Ego Box was ever performed more than fifty times, but it is believed to have been performed at least twenty-five times (at the minimum).

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On the "Instant Messenger" version, Paul Reeve provided backing vocals.[1]

According to Matt, the name of the song is taken from the name of Muse's old tour bus.


You've got post (only in Instant Messenger)

It's gonna be okay Can’t afford another day At 50 bytes per second

I’ve never seen your face I’ve never heard your voice

But I think I like it When you instant message me With a promise I can feel it I can tell you're gonna be Just like me

My eyes are gonna strain My heart is feeling pain At 50 beats per second

I’ve never seen your eyes I’ve never heard your lies

But I think I like it When you instant message me With a promise I can feel it I can tell you're gonna be Just like me Be Just like me

You turn You turn You turn on me


  • "we did play it just for you... we thought it wasn`t good enough for the album, it maybe a b-side or something in the future..."
    Matt talking with a fan who requested Pink Ego Box at the 100 Club and the band performed it, 09/15/1999.


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