Paris Studios Rive Gauche 2012 (gig)

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Matt and Dom during the interview
Muse performing at Le Grand Journal
Muse show
Venue Studios Rive Gauche (Le Grand Journal[1])
Date 14th December 2012[1]
Location Paris
Country France
Songs 2[1]
Support None
Sold out?

A promotional TV show performance in support of The 2nd Law


Recorded during the week of the 9th of December and broadcast on the 18th, Muse performed two songs for a French music TV show called Le Grand Journal.[1]

Muse performed Madness and Follow Me. Presumably, Follow Me was half-mimed with the vocals sung live.


The show, and with it, performances of both songs, were broadcast on Canal+, however only the recording Madness can be found on the internet.

Additionally, Matt and Dom also participated in The Question Box Q&A, which can be seen here.





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