Nickelsdorf Pannonia Fields II 2022 (gig)

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Nova Rock Festival 2022 poster
Muse show
Venue Pannonia Fields II[1] (Nova Rock Festival[2])
Date 9th June 2022[3]
Location Nickelsdorf[4]
Country Austria
Support TBA
Start (GMT+1) TBA
Capacity 55,000
Price (EUR) 99,99 - 434,99[5]
Sold out?

First announced show of 2022.


This gig was announced on 27th of April, 2020 by both the festival and Muse themselves[6] after the 2021 edition of Nova Rock Festival was cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic. The major difference between the '21 and this edition is the headliners; with only Muse remaining the same headliner compared to the 2021 edition. They will be headlining Nova Rock 2022 together with Foo Fighters, Five Finger Death Punch and another, yet to be announced headliner.

This gig would make it the first time Muse are playing the Nova Rock festival in its 17 years of existance.


Category Type Price
Festivalpass & 1-day tickets 1-day ticket - Friday 119.99€
1-day ticket - Saturday 99.99€
1-day ticket - Sunday 99.99€
3-day Festivalpass 194.99€
Festivalpass - Caravan Festivalpass & Caravan 1 ticket 298.99€
Festivalpass & Silent + Clean Caravan ticket 328.99€
Festivalpass & Caravan 2 ticket 293.99€
Festivalpass & Caravan 3 ticket 298.99€
Zelthotel (Tent hotel)
Zelthotel - Standard tent 84.99€
Zelthotel + plus - Large tent 99.99€
Zelthotel & Fresh - Standard tent with AC 109.99€
Zelthotel & Fresh + plus - Large tent with AC 124.99€
Festivalpass VIP 299.99€
Festivalpass VIP & Caravan VIP 404.99€
Festivalpass VIP & Silent + Clean Caravan VIP 434.99€


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