Manchester Collier 1998 (gig)

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Muse show
Venue Collier[source?] (In the City[1][2][3][4])
Date 13th September 1998[5]
Location Manchester[1][2][3]
Country United Kingdom
Songs Unknown
Support Unknown
Start (UTC+1) Unknown
Capacity Unknown
Price Unknown
Sold out? Unknown

Assuming that Muse didn't play another gig in Manchester on the same weekend as the In the City music festival, this was a performance for that festival.[5] While Matthew Bellamy later indicated that the performance didn't go according to plan,[4] Muse were one of the three selected winning artists. They refused to perform the customary winner's showcase,[4] which Bellamy claimed was due to the band not wanting to "overdo it" by playing "for a business audience".[4]

The festival itself acts in part as a audition for unsigned bands to potential signers.[6] Other bands that performed that year included Cay, Coldplay, Cypress Hill and Doves,[2] among around five hundred bands.[5] The festival includes a conference and performances in many venues across the city.[7] That year, around fifty venues were used.[5] Those who participate in the festival receive wristbands and are thus able to move between these freely.[7]

It was both this gig[1][3] and the Muscle Museum EP that got Maverick[3] and Columbia Records interested in signing Muse.[1] The next month, Muse performed at a similar event, CMJ Music Marathon, after which they were asked to perform to Columbia representatives on Santa Monica Pier and to Maverick representatives in Hollywood.


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