Los Angeles Hollywood 1998 (gig)

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Muse show
Venue Unknown (Maverick audition[1])
Date 24th November 1998[source?]
Location Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA[source?]
Country USA
Songs 4[note 1][1]
Support Unknown
Start (UTC+1) Unknown
Capacity Unknown
Price (USD) Free[presumption]
Sold out? Unknown

A performance for representatives of the record label Maverick.[1] After hearing that Muse were performing on Santa Monica Pier for Columbia Records, Maverick asked Muse to stay in the USA slightly longer to perform for them.[1]

Muse played two songs out of a six-song set, after which a representative interrupted, saying that was enough to convince him, requesting they play the first two songs again.[source?] Muse signed a contract with Maverick on the 23rd of December.[1]

The band recalled this show in a Radio X interview with Chris Moyles in 2018 where Matt stated "they flew us over to do showcase shows, we did that thing called CMJ New York, then as we were there we heard about Guy Sieri, he took us over to LA and we did like a rehearsal room really, it wasn't a gig, it was like a rehearsal room. It was just him, his lawyer, and Steve Jones from the Sex Pistols. They were the only three people we played to and so we played them like our EP, our EP's worth of songs, and he just came on stage and went I love you guys, love you guys, sign the deal right here. The first deal we signed was in America and it was just for America, and that was actually as it turns out that was an absolute blessing in disguise because we got ended up getting dropped from that label on the next album because they didn't like it".[2]



  1. Assuming that Muse did not resume performing after convincing the Maverick representative.


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