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Muse with Johnatan Ross and guests Russell Howard, Kylie Minogue and Bear Grylls
Performing at The Johnatan Ross Show
Matt in archery
Muse show
Venue The London Studios (The Johnatan Ross Show)
Date 25th October 2012
Location London
Country United Kingdom
Songs 1
Support None
Start (GMT)
Capacity 638[1]
Sold out?

A TV show promotional performance in support of The 2nd Law


Muse were on Jonathan Ross's show on 25th October, broadcast on 27th, along with singer Kylie Minogue, comedian Russell Howard and 'Born Survivor' star Bear Grylls.

Matt participated in the show by doing some archery and eating a larva worm. He was once again wearing his cool jacket. At the end of the show, the band played a slightly shortened version of Madness.



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