The Airfield Studios

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Airfield Studios

Is a studio in where muse recorded some songs from the Hullabaloo Soundtrack and showbiz singles.

The Recording Areas

The main recording area is spacious (30'x30' Approx.) and practical with plenty of natural light. It is built with wood and cornish stone providing a variety of reliable acoustic environments. The 'dead' booth is 8'x10'Approx. and acousticly dampened for dry recording with a clear view through soundproofed glass for visual communication to the main live room. The 'live' recording booth is 12'x6'Approx. and gives a bright, lively sound and also has visual communication to the main live room[1]


Airfield Studios Accommodation

The Airfield Studios are situated on the North Cornish coast, close to the small harbour town of Padstow and just five minutes away from the finest beaches in England. The studio location offers the privacy and surroundings to create the perfect atmosphere to compliment all types of recording work. Recreational facilities include TV lounge, pool lounge, gym, table tennis and relaxing gardens, with local activities include surfing, sailing, golf, flying, parachuting, fishing, & riding. Aircraft landing facilties available by arrangement.[2]

Songs recorded by Muse here


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