Indio Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival 2014 - 19th (gig)

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"Muse Dollars" used during Animals

Muse show
Venue Coachella Stage
Date 19th April 2014[source?]
Location Indio, CA
Country USA
Songs 12[source?]
Start (UTC-8) 23:30[source?]
Sold out? Unknown


The set was short due to Matt's voice still in rusty condition from his bout of Laryngitis. Lithium was on the setlist, but not played. It was replaced with a 5-6 minute riffage outro to Stockholm Syndrome. Seven songs aired on AXSTV. The songs shown were: Hysteria, Bliss, Animals, Unsustainable, Time Is Running Out, Uprising, and Survival.

After the series of riffs Matt threw his guitar several times and ended up balancing on the top of his Dickinson Amp with the guitar lying underneath the amp.



During Bliss Bellamy "...all the peace and the joy in your motherfucking mind."
During Time Is Running Out "Sing it!"
During Uprising "Let me here ya sing it!"
After Survival "Hey California. We love you guys, see you next year."
Howard "Thank you Coachella. You guys are fucking awesome, thanks, have a good weekend. We love you guys so much, thank you, see you again, cheers."

During the second chorus of Uprising, Matt erroneously sang "They will stop control us".

At some point during the gig, Bellamy said "It's my girlfriend's birthday today. Her name is Kate, she's out there somewhere. I want everyone to sing Happy Birthday to her."