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An interview with Xfm during the NME awards. This transcription may be inaccurate.

Matthew Bellamy: You know, we're staying on our toes, I think, I'd like to think, you know. We haven't lost our touch yet. So yeah, it's always, always a nice surprise to win something that's been voted for by the public, especially 'cause, we, we haven't done any gigs for a while; since last, since last year, like Wembley or whatever it was... uh, June. So yeah, lovely.

Interviewer (?): So what's the atmosphere like out there today?

B: Uh, it was a bit, it was a bit damp at first you know, but it picked up uh, it picked up when uh... what was it again...what happened?

Dominic Howard: Uh, [laughs] what happened.

B: [laughs] It was good, it was getting good though.

H: Was there a fight?

I: We heard there was a...

H: There was...

B: Oh right, I hope so.

H: ...there was a weird vibe between Kelly Osbourne who actually presented... uh sorry, presented us this award and one of the presenters, though I'm not sure what his name is. They had a weird scuffufle, like uh...

I: Mm.

H: ...some weird meeting, so that kind of livened, you know, the place up and kind of...

B: Oh yeah yeah, when Darth Vader came on and sang a song, that was uh, that was a special moment.

I: [laughs]

B: I, I don't know who that was, but it was...

I: That was [?]

B: Yeah, yeah that was really good that was.

I: ...and was it welcome, was it given a warm reception?

B: I think so yeah, I think, I think after we played um, after the Lightspeed played, um, it really picked up. You know, it was good.

I: ...and uh, in terms of... you know, the Arctic Monkeys up for a record number of awards...

B: Oh yeah.

I: ...they seem to be sweeping the board so far.

B: That's it. You know, they uh, they keep cleaning up every year, you know, those cheeky Northerners you know, they're...

H: [laughs]

B: ...on the case. They're a brilliant band though. Uh really good uh... I'm gla... glad we just managed to keep them from getting this one, but uh, I mean I'm sure they'll get all the others. [laughs]

I: Do you think it's well deserved?

B: Uh, what what?

I: The Arctic Monkeys...

B: The Monkeys? Yeah yeah, well yeah, I mean they're a brilliant band I mean, we shou... we should all be proud, you know.

I: Best Live Act, everyone wants to see you perform at festivals this Summer, any confirmed?

B: Yeah we're gonna do the... V, V Festival. Yeah yeah, V Festival, yeah. We're looking forward to that, we haven't done that for a few years an' um, we can't wait to do it. We're gonna, we're gonna try and do something quite spectacular I think, something a little bit over the top, you know, we're gonna try and get a UFO to come in and land on everyone's heads or something, you know what I mean, but we'll definitely do something of a 'Spinal Tap' embarrassment level.

I: Glastonbury?

B: Uh, no. We can only do one this year I think you know, because we've got, we've got to make an album at the same time, so we're hoping to play a couple of new songs actually, maybe at V. We're doing a gig in Belfast as well and Dublin but, you know we're gonna try and play a few... test out a few new songs before we record them. You know.

I: ...and uh, obviously talked to us, spoke to us earlier about um, some stuff that you're working on. What else can you tell us?

B: Uh well, we're... I think we're gonna start off producing ourselves a little bit, 'cause we build a little studio in Italy and uh, it'd be the first time we've done that. Um, we've got a few, quite a few different directions you know, maybe a bit more Supermassive Black Hole type stuff, maybe more sort of electronic dancy stuff um, there might be some uh, stuff with an orchestra, we've always wanted to do that, you know, so uh, it's difficult to say if there's going to be a specific sound of the album, I think we're gonna try a lot of different things and then just pick the best stuff and just stick it on an album, you know.

I: Any collaborations in the pipeline?

B: Um, hmm. I don't know really.

I: ...that you'd like?

B: Who should we collaborate with?

H: I'd like to, I'd like to get um, Timberland, you know Timberland?

I: Yeah.

B: Get him to like rap on something, for a laugh, you know. That'd be just be like, real cheesy. Nah, that'd probably be a bit naff wouldn't it. I don't know.

I: I just want to ask you um; I spoke to you earlier about the Bond theme. Um, you know there's a big uh, a big demand for you guys to, to perform it, to be part of...

B: [laughs]

I: ...the theme. Are you a big Bond fan and how, how exciting would it be to, to be involved in that?

B: Uh, yeah. I mean, Bond uh, music has always been really great you know, there's been some great, really great songs written, for that film, um, I think the last one was a bit crap though, you know, the uh, the, the uh, well it wasn't Chris Cornell's fault, I think it was just a bit, you need to hear a nice, you know, I think you need to hear like a crooner woman singing, someone like Shirley Bassey. I suppose the modern equivalent would be, Amy Winehouse, I think she'd do a great job. Uh, I'd be happy to uh, you know, to write a song, but I mean, I dunno.

I: [?] with Amy?

B: Oh yeah, I'd love to yeah, but I mean, I think she's uh busy with that Mark Ronson bloke isn't she, so, you know. [laughs]

I: Thank you very much.

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