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Reading & Leeds 2011

YES to Dead Star and In Your World. Hmmm 2001-2002.
NO to different sets at each show. Unfair if Reading gets Ashamed and Leeds gets Unintended, or vice versa, is it?
IF POSSIBLE bring back the Manson Delorean, even for just one song. Matt must have it lying around somewhere.
YES to a B-Sides set. Maybe a separate set / encore?
NO to Origin of Symmetry being played in it's entirity. Boring and predictable.
IF POSSIBLE get someone on to do a cover like Paul McCartney, or Bono.


Like mentioned, possible encore / separate set?:
- Agitated
- Ashamed
- Do We Need This
- Futurism
- Map of Your Head
- Nature_1
- Pink Ego Box
- Shrinking Universe
- Yes Please


- Muscle Museum predictable, but it hasn't been played in four years.
- Fillip ( Cologne Bizarre Festival version with screams please).
- Cave BUT guitar version. Piano version lost the angsty-sneering feel of the song.
- Showbiz (Duh)
- Uno
- Overdue

Origin of Symmetry

All of it. Obviously.


Some obvious stuff here, but it's Origin of Symmetry's 10th anniversary, not Absolution's:
- Time is Running Out
- Stockholm Syndrome
- Interlude + Hysteria
- Butterflies & Hurricanes

Black Holes and Revelations

Despite being my second favourite Muse album, there isn't much here to add. Rarities from this record are highly unlike (as menioned, it's Origin of Symmetry's moment), and I'm not too fussed with Starlight, Supermassive Black Hole or Soldier's Poem not being played.
- Take a Bow
- Map of the Problematique
- Knights of Cydonia

The Resistance

Nothing from here, to be honest with you, but if I had to pick:
- Uprising
- United States of Eurasia (gotta love that Queen falsetto)
- IF POSSIBLE: Exogenesis: Symphony. All of it please, although not too bothered either.

Ideal Reading & Leeds Set

This isn't based on what I've said before, and if this was the setlist for Reading & Leeds, it would probably be the longest festival date of all time :P


1.  Space Dementia
2.  In Your World
3.  Citizen Erased
4.  Showbiz
5.  Megalomania
6.  Uno
7.  Screenager
8.  Feeling Good
9.  Fillip
10.  Micro Cuts
11.  Cave
12.  Dead Star
13.  Hyper Music
14.  New Born

Encore: 15. Yes Please 16. Do We Need This 17. Futurism 18. Ashamed

Encore 2: 19. Take a Bow 20. Plug in Baby 21. Map of the Problematique 22. Stockholm Syndrome 23. Knights of Cydonia