United States of Eurasia (single)

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Cover art
Muse single
Name United States of Eurasia
Tracks 1
Total length 5:47
Recorded Lake Como and Milan, 2009
Writer/composer Matthew Bellamy
Producer Muse
Art work Unknown
Publisher Warner, A&E Records, Helium 3
Format(s) Download, CD-R (promo only)
Catalogue №
Release date 21st July 2009
Chart position
Album The Resistance
single chronology
Map of the Problematique
United States of Eurasia


"United States of Eurasia" was the first download release from The Resistance, found as the result of the Ununited States of Eurasia microsite that was launched alongside the new Official Muse website, from which "Project Eurasia" took place.[1]


Whilst the song received radio play in the UK it was released as a free download and was therefore not eligible to chart. "Uprising" was therefore the first official single to be released from The Resistance in terms of chart eligibility. "United States of Eurasia" did receive some promotion as a single, for example, in the form of promotional CD-Rs, and was given its own unique cover art, and the aforementioned Alternate Reality Game.

Track list

Download, DA promo CD-R



  1. Muse Management. (2009-07-08). Ununited States Of Eurasia. Muse. Retrieved 2009-07-13 from muse.mu.

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