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Song Programme/film Description
Apocalypse Please 30 Days of Night (film)[1] Trailer. [1]
Unleashed (film) Trailer.
SIC Notícias (Portuguese News Channel) Advert, showing war images.
Serie A weekly (football highlight) Featured during a football match highlight.
Olympics 2008 (BBC coverage) Used during badminton coverage
Time Is Running Out Running Scared (film) Featured in the trailer for the film Running Scared.
BBC Winter Olympics Coverage 2010 Skeleton Bob ( Replayed from 2006 )
Lancia Ypsilon Advert (2003/2004) The video advert features the chorus of the song.
Doctor Who Confidential (TV series) Episode 3x07 "Spacecraft".
Entourage (TV series) Episode 2x01 "The Boys are Back in Town"
Gossip Girl (TV series) Episode 2x06 "New Haven Can Wait", features The String Quartet's instrumental version.
Never Mind the Buzzcocks 10:00PM Mon, 3 Jan 2011. Video is played during a round called "Sorry, No refunds" in which the panel must guess why the band canceled a day of press events.
Dancing With The Stars Season 14, episode 6 (9/4/12)
Sing For Absolution To Build Or Not To Build Series 2 Episode 2
Me And You (film) Released in the UK 19/4/13
Stockholm Syndrome Guitar Hero III (video game) Downloadable playable song.
Top Gear, BBC2 Instrumental version used in background for review of Audi R8 in episode 14x2.
Imagine - The Story of the Guitar Live clip is seen with parts of an interview with Matt in-between.
Falling Away With You BBC Sport (golf) Viewing the holes.
Hysteria BBC Sport (MotoGP)[2] Opening credits.
Advert Insolence Guerlain (perfume).
Millions (film)[1] Featured in the film but not the OST.
Rock Band (Video game) Playable song.
Doctor Who Confidential (TV series) Episode 2x13 "Finale".
Top Gear (2004-12-12 @ 50m54s) Mitsubishi Evo VIII vs. Lamborghini Murcielago [2]
The Vampire Diaries (ITV2) Advert
Jumper Advert, Channel 4
Braniac (TV Series) In various episodes.
The Biggest Loser episode UK
MLB Player Drew Stubbs of the Cincinnati Reds MLB Team used Hysteria as his At-Bat song throughout the whole 2010 season.
Blackout Millions (film)[1] OST.
"Southland Tales" (film). Featured in the film but not in the OST.
Butterflies & Hurricanes BBC Sports Personality of the Year 2006 & 2007[2] BBC Orchestra playing as interludes.
BBC (TV Channel). Italy vs England Rugby (14/02/10)
Advert ORF 1 (Austrian TV Channel).
Ski Sunday (news) Interlude between articles and ending credits.
Formula One 05 (video game) Opening credits. The version featured doesn't include the piano solo, it cuts right after it starts.
Need For Speed Most Wanted (2012) Opening and OST. [3]
Need For Speed (Full Length Movie) Used in the full length trailer for Need For Speed
Thoughts of a Dying Atheist Volkswagen Polo Advert (from January 2010) An instrumental version of the song is featured as soundtrack.
Ruled by Secrecy Brothers Kerr Skate performance @ Euro2009 Song used as performance soundtrack
Panorama - Hunting the Internet Bullies Instrumental beginning featured approx 5 minutes in.



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