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Song Programme/film Description
New Born Swordfish (film) OST. The featured version is Paul Oakenfold's remix.
3 Petites Filles (film) OST.
Haute Tension (film) Action Scene and Ending Credits.
Advert Oxfam
Doctor Who Confidential (TV Series) Episode 4x11: "Here come the Girls"
Imagine - The Story of the Guitar Episode 1 (Live clip is played as Matt talks about his first guitar)
Deadly 60 Children's show on BBC2
Bliss Accused Season 2, episode 1 (14/8/12)
Space Dementia Advert Midnight Poison (Dior perfume).
Plug In Baby Advert Formula One adverts in Spanish TV station LaSexta.
Guitar Hero 5 (video game) Playable song.
Rocksmith (video game) Playable song along with Unnatural Selection.
Micro Cuts Skins (TV series) Used in the trailer of episode 2x02: "Sketch".
Advert Roberto Cavalli perfume [1]
Darkshines Horizon (2010-11) Episode 8, What Is One Degree? Piano used throughout the programme
Feeling Good Advert Nescafé used it despite permission being refused. As a result Nescafé had to pay settlement money, which was given by Muse to Oxfam. They have sinced used Nina Simone's version.
BBC One, BBC Four Used for "Madmen" advert
Doctor Who Confidential (TV series) Episode 2x02: "New, New Doctor".
John from Cincinnati (TV series)[1] Episode 1x03: "His Visit: Day Two Continued".
Seven Pounds (film) OST.
Virgin Atlantic Advert Used as soundtrack.
ITV advert Advert for Joan Does Glamour
Queer as Folk (TV series) Episode 3x14: "The Election"
The Delicious Miss Dahl (TV series - BBC Two) Episode 1 of 6: "Selfish"
Dave Advert for Eden
Jimmy's Food Factory Season 2, episode 3 "Get Up and Go"
Shameless Season 8, Episode 7
Olympics 2012 Men's Beach Volleyball Preliminary round, Switzerland v Italy 29th July
Come Dine With Me (Channel 4, UK) Instrumental version used as background music
Mulatschag Season 1, episode 229 - 19/10/13
Mongrels Season 2, episode 5 (5/12/11)


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