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Song Programme/film Description
Take a Bow Doctor Who Confidential (TV series) Episode 3x09: 'The Family of Blood'
Top Gear Review of a Noble M15.
Doctor Who Confidential (TV series) Episode 3x09 'Bad Blood'.
Screenwipe (TV Series) Episode 3x01
Watchmen (2009) Theatrical Trailer
Dara Ó Briain's Science Club Episode 1x03
Starlight Live International Football Sky Sports Coverage of Euro Qualifiers.
Advert Viasat (Scandinavian TV Channel).
Hamish and Andy Re-gifted Christmas special When Hamish and Andy where in Tokyo
NFL Network Total Access At the Super Bowl Instrumental returning from adverts, with some lyrics during player interviews.
Jericho (TV series)[1] Episode 1x12: 'The Day Before'
Doctor Who Confidential (TV series) Episode 3x10 'Do You Remember The First Time?'
Celebrity Come Dine With Me Instrumental featured during the results reveal of the 14/03/10 show
British Soap Awards 2010 Piano played during the 'Dramatic Performance' intro.
Last Call With Carson Daily Used during Last Call Spotlight
Bizarre ER Used when a patient had their leg pushed back into position.
The Tourist (film) Used during end credits.
Come Dine With Me Used during announcing the winner for the Bristol episode-28/12/10
Crazy Stupid Love (film) Trailer [1]
Countryfile "Golden Valley" episode 24/3/13
Saturday Night Live Season 35, episode 10 (19/12/09). Muse Performed
Supermassive Black Hole The Real Hustle (TV series) Near the end before credits.
Golf Report (Portuguese TV programme) Used as opener and interlude.
FIFA 07 (video game) OST. Different to album version.
Supernatural (TV series)[1] Episode 2x10: 'Hunted'.
Doctor Who (TV series) Episode 6x5: 'The Rebel Flesh'. The Doctor plays it inside the TARDIS at the beginning of the episode.
The Sopranos (TV series)[1] Episode 6x17: 'Walk Like a Man'.
Entourage (TV series)[1] Episode 3x11: 'What About Bob?'.
MasterChef Used when the critics for the semi-final were introduced.
Guitar Hero III (video game) Downloadable playable song.
Doctor Who Confidential (TV series) Episode 3x11 'Ello 'Ello 'Ello'
Twilight (film) OST and baseball scene.
Live at the Apollo (TV Series) Featured as Jason Manford walked onstage during Series 5, Episode 1
Super Bowl Live (TV Show) Advert
Death Machines (TV Series) Advert (Discovery channel)
GMTV (TV show) Background music to competition
Balls of Steel (TV Series) Featured during 'The Annoying Devil's' segment during Series 2 Episode 4.
Strictly Come Dancing Backing band covered the song on the 20th October 2010 episode. The guitarist bought a Fuzz Factory pedal from RustRelic for this.
The F Word (TV Show) Episode 2x7. Used in the crayfish recipe.
Shameless Season 8, Episode 1
The Joy of Teen Sex Episode 1
Primeval Advert on 'Watch' channel FIFA 07 Version used
Disney Cinemagic Advert
Dara Ó Briain's Science Club Episode 1x04
Watchdog Rogue Traders section, BBC1 12th April 2012
Doctor Who Season 6, episode 5 "The Rebel Flesh" (21/5/11)
Map of the Problematique BBC Rugby Sevens Used in interlude between highlights of matches.
Rock Eisteddfod Australia 2009 Finishing Credits
Children of Men (2006) (film)[1] Trailer.
BBC Sport (Superbowl)[2] Rules of American Football.
BAFTA Awards Videos of Nominees.
The Tourist official trailer Intro used as soundtrack
Prison Break (TV series) Promotional trailer for upcoming season, TV3 (Swedish television channel).
Top Gear (TV series) (Season 10, Episode 4) Featured in an episode of Top Gear during a review of an Aston Martin, Lamborghini Gallardo and the review of the Caparo T1.
Doctor Who Confidential (TV series) Episode 4x13: 'Journey's End'
ITV F1 Coverage (German GP 2008) Featured during a recap of the previous grand prix.
Doctor Who Confidential (TV series) Episode 4x13 'End Of An Era'
Dancing on Ice Played during the 28th February show over clips of a skater training.
The Tourist (film) Used in trailer
London 2012 Ceremony Song opened the opening ceremony. Instrumental, and lowered by a whole tone.
Ben Earl: Trick Artist Advert on Channel 4 (UK)
Soldier's Poem Come Dine With Me Used during the Celebrity Special aired on 24th May 2010.
Invincible Doctor Who Confidential (TV series) Episode 3x11 'The Valiant Quest'
Assassin Torchwood (TV series) Episode 1x11 'Combat'
Guitar Hero: World Tour Unlockable track.
British Soap Awards 2010 Instrumental used during the Eastenders 'Best Bits' montage.
Exo-Politics Guitar Hero 3 (video game) Downloadable playable song.
City Of Delusion Pride Of Britain Awards 2011 Instrumental used during a winner's description.
Knights of Cydonia Top Gear (TV Series) Hammond Drives a Mustang GT500.
X Factor 2011 Played during intro to The Results Show 24/10/11
300 (film) DVD Trailer.
Guitar Hero 3 (video game) Playable song.
UEFA Champions League Solo featured in the background of the Barcelona v Stuttgart UEFA advert on ITV, due to be broadcast on 17/03/10
World Cup 2010 Played during half time
ESPN Monday Night Played in the advertisements of Arizona Cardinals vs San Francisco 49ers Week 13 game
Imagine - The Story of the Guitar Live clip from Wembley is shown, before cutting to an interview with Matt. Later in the interview it cuts back to the clip briefly.
Merlin series 5 trailer[3] Television series advertisement.
NRL Grand Final 2010 Song played before ads in Fox Sports' replay of Dragons V Roosters final
2011 Daytona 500 Used as intro music during broadcast
Britain's Really Disgusting Food, BBC "Meat" and "Fish", background music
Rocksmith 2014 (video game) Playable song.
Halo 5: Guardians (Video game) Used in trailer. watch here


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