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The official Muse forum is hosted on a subdomain of the official website. The forum uses vBulletin software and is hosted on Apache 1.3.*.

The name of the server on which the board runs is Muriel, named after Chandler Muriel Bing from the US sitcom Friends, due to Matt's son being called Bingham. The server replaced Doris, a name chosen in a fan poll after the previous server, Bertha, crashed. Doris retained the original hard drives from Bertha.

Band members

  • MattB
  • ChrisW
  • DomH


Former admins

  • Henri
  • James
  • Sofia Proll
  • Wil
  • Zerø


  • Furygirl
  • james90
  • JessicaSarahS
  • L.
  • Noodles
  • Spectrum IV
  • Super Sammy
  • the aurora

Chat moderators

  • SocksROCK!
  • zer0-1ne

Former moderators

  • [iammattsguitar]
  • Apollos Bitch
  • Belgian Chocolate
  • Caff
  • Clunge
  • Didz and Jam
  • Crazy_bob
  • Gemsy
  • Gem
  • Honey Ryder
  • Hyperhyper
  • Popey
  • Melia
  • Melanie
  • Neil.
  • Nincy Face
  • Olly.
  • Parabola
  • Pegasus
  • Sapphire
  • Ste
  • Tiswaz

UBB Message Board

  • Matthew Bellamy
  • Dominic Howard
  • Chris Wolsteholme


The board is moderated via a points based infraction system. Once a member commits an infraction by breaking the board rules or otherwise, a moderator can issue an infraction or a warning. An infraction carries a number of points and both infractions and warnings have expiration dates, all depending on the severity of the infraction. Accumulating 4 points or more results in a temporary ban. Some infractions carry over 4 points and will instantly result in a ban.

Permanent bans can be issued after multiple temporary bans or if the account is owned by a user who already has an account.

Holiday media

The forum sometimes hosts either media or features during holiday seasons, for example in Christmas 2004, videos of the Earl's Court concerts were hosted.

For Christmas 2007, an advent calender was hosted which included in-jokes from the forum's community as well as references to well known members. The door for the 25th of December linked to a video of Fury from the 2007 Australian tour.


On the 21st May, A new subforum was added to the 'News' forum, entitled 'Muse need you..'[1], containing several polls ranging from topics such as social networking, to release formats, HD media and communcication between the band and the community.[1] Thus Far, the polls have spawned musewire, an account on social networking site 'Twitter', which will be used to give regular updates on the band.

A subforum entitled "The Resistance" was created for discussing the new album seperate from "Songs and Releases" forum on the 3rd July 2009. This forum was merged with the parent forum in January 2010. Another subforum called "Wembley 2010" was made on 7th September 2010 in order to accommodate a large increase in new threads regarding the upcoming stadium gigs. This was merged with the main Gigs and Tours again on the 26th September.

Public forums

  • MUSE
    • News
    • Songs and Releases
    • Gigs and Tours
      • Bootlegs
    • Muse in the Media
    • Other Muse Topics
    • Kit & Tab
    • International
    • Creativity
    • Banter
    • The Gallery
      • Current Affairs
      • Media
      • Gaming and IT
    • Other Bands
    • The Love Boat
    • support

Hidden forums

    • The Play Pen
    • Closed, moderator-only and admin-only forums including Muse Questions, Muse Need You, Art and Poetry (retired),
      Muse Board Awards 2008, Muse Answers, The Awards 2009

Former forums

    • Announcements
    • Comments & Suggestions
  • MUSE
    • Songs and Releases
      • The Resistance
    • Gigs and Tours
      • Wembley 2010
    • Main Muse
    • Other Muse Topics
      • Kit and Tab
      • Gigs and Tours
      • Bootlegs/Merch Queries
    • International
    • New Users
    • Game Zone
  • UBB Message Board
    • Main Area

Skins & Themes


Muse Board rules


  1. Muse need you... (2008-05-21). Official Muse board. Retrieved 2008-06-02 from

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