Milan Centro di produzione RAI di Milano 2012 (gig)

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Muse performing
Muse at Che Tempo Che Fa
Muse show
Venue Mecenate Studios M1+M2, Centro di produzione RAI di Milano [en: Milan RAI Production Centre] (Che Tempo Che Fa[1])
Date 18th November 2012[1][2][note 1]
Location Milan, MI[2]
Country Italy
Songs 2[3]
Support None
Sold out?

A TV show promotional performance in support of The 2nd Law


Muse performed on an Italian music TV programme called Che Tempo Che Fa, filmed by the Milan branch of the Italian national TV and aired on Rai 3.

They performed two songs, Madness and Follow Me. Madness was performed live in full while Follow Me was half-mimed, with only the vocals sung live. Follow Me also featured Matt on guitar again, albeit not playing live.

In the backstage, Muse met a string quartet called Gnu Quartet. The four performed their rendition of New Born for the band. (watch)


Performances of both songs were streamed on live TV. They can be seen by clicking on this link or by clicking on any of the links in the setlist below.



  1. "Broadcast live" according to Wikipedia.


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