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Muse are a band that make use of guitar and equipment smash, especially in their early days. Matthew Bellamy explains in a interview in Japan [1] that the reason for guitar smashing is either bad concerts where they experience "negative energy" or sometimes just for fun. Or also sometimes if the guitar was not working properly or if it was a guitar which didn't feel good to play Matt Bellamy would smash it.

Matt has the world record at breaking guitars, he smashed 140 guitars at the Absolution tour 2004.

Ibanez guitars are always smashed or thrown into the crowd. So if you see an Ibanez guitar during a Muse concert you will know it's shouting for help.

Matt Bellamy usually smashes his guitar on his own or sometimes he jumps on Chris Wolstenholme's back and falls into the drum set like in Paris live at le Zénith during their Hullabaloo tour. Matt Bellamy also takes the drum apart one by one like he did in Earls Court in 2004. During 2001 in the Hullabaloo era a lot of equipment smashing was made with champagne splashing included.

The band still smash equipment today. In the first of the two V Festival gigs, at the end of Knights of Cydonia, Matt threw his Chrome Bomber Manson across the stage. And throughout the Black Holes and Resistance tours, Matt has been throwing his Glitterati Manson around too. This guitar met it's demise when it was pulled off one of the towers in the L.A Staples Centre gig. Nowadays on the 2nd Law Tour, Matt, usually smashes his equipment during the outro of Uprising or at the end of Stockholm Syndrome.

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