Gretsch G1627 Synchromatic Sparkle Jet

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Gretsch G1627 Synchromatic Sparkle Jet
G1627 Synchromatic Sparkle Jet
Manufacturer Gretsch
Used 2000-05-14[1]2000-05-25
Body type Semi-hollow with f-hole
Neck joint Unknown
Body covering Blue
Wood Body: mahogany
Neck: (unfinished natural)
Fingerboard: rosewood (22 frets, 24 1/2" scale length)
Bridge Fixed
Electronics Unknown
Special circuits
  • Spinning hypno-disc affixed below the bridge
  • Roland GK2 Midi pickup internal kit

This guitar was only used for two gigs in the course of a week and a half in May of 2000.

Matt's Gretsch featured standard G1627 model specs with an addition of the Roland GK2 Midi pickup and a spinning hypno-disc which was mounted below the bridge.

During the first outing, it was used for Showbiz, and at the end of the song Matt threw the guitar and the amplifier onto the sand in the background of the stage set. (watch)


As far as is known, Matthew Bellamy first used this guitar during the French TV programme Nulle Part Ailleurs, filmed at Cannes Festival in May 2000.

The guitar was used again a few gigs later, on the 25th of that month during a gig inside Le Summum in Grenoble, France. At the end of the set, he threw the guitar at an amplifier, which destroyed it. The spinning hypno-disc pictured below was collected by a French fan who attended the gig, in the first row.

Songs Used For

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