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For the Showbiz Tour Matt used a Roland EX-5 Expression pedal, this was plugged into his Roland VG8 System

For the Absolution and Black Holes & Revelations Tours Matt used a Ernie Ball Expression Pedal which was plugged into the Rocktron All Access Unit and this controlled his Digitech Whammy Pedal by MIDI. For the Black Holes & Revelations and all subsequent Tours he had a second one, this was connected via the Rocktron All Access Unit or Liquid Pro to the Sound Sculpture Switchblade GL for Volume & Panning Effects, it is likely for The 2nd Law he used the 2nd one for Wah

For the Resistance tour he switched to 2 x Boss FV-500 Volume Pedals but was for the same uses as the last 2 tours

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