Sound Sculpture Switchblade GL

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Sound Sculpture Switchblade GL

The Sound Sculpture Switchblade GL is a rack-mount guitar effects switcher/router made by Sound Sculpture Musical Instrument Products, an Oregon-based manufacturer of guitar switchers and routers founded by technical and computer engineer and guitarist, Ken Czepelka. In addition to the GL, Switchblade also comes in the smaller version, the "Switchblade 8L", which only has 8 inputs and 8 outputs.

The Switchblade is a matrix-based router and has the ability to connect effects in series in any order, in parallel, or in series/parallel combinations and with the ability to set levels at every connection to balance effects all under preset control. The unit has 16 inputs and outputs, so the user can have up to 16 effects running at all times in any combination possible. Switchblade's audio channels include buffers on each of the 16 inputs, so the tone is preserved throughout the system.

The Switchblade GL is used by Matt in his system ever since the Black Holes & Revelations era, while Chris used the Switchblade between the Absolution and the Black Holes & Revelations eras, before switching to the Skrydstrup Bass Routing System.

Matt also has his Expression Pedal on his pedalboard plugged into the GL for Volume and Panning Effects on the fly.

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