Düsseldorf Philipshalle 2001 (gig)

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Backstage photo
Letter written by Muse during the festival
Muse show
Venue Philipshalle[1] (Osterrocknacht[1])
Date 15th April 2001[1]
Location Düsseldorf, NW[1]
Country Germany
Songs 12[2]
Support Ash, (supporting) Stereophonics[1]
Start (UTC+2) 22:15[1]
Capacity 7,500[source?]
Price Unknown
Sold out? Unknown

A performance for Rockpalast,[3] a German music television show on WDR.[3] Muse partook in an internet chat during the festival.[3]

During the solo of Sunburn, Matt caught a button on the piano which changed the piano's tone making it sound a lot lighter and brighter.

Matthew Bellamy had a little problem during the intro of Plug In Baby with the fuzz factory.

Balloons were released during Bliss


The band were clad mostly in black. Bellamy wore black jeans, along with a black jacket which had white zippers and a long neck. Dominic Howard wore a black t-shirt and blue jeans, as did Christopher Wolstenholme. While Bellamy's hair was clearly waxed, it was not spiked in the same manner as with later concerts, such as at the Zenith in Paris.


After Micro Cuts Bellamy "Cheers."
After New Born "Thank you."
After Showbiz "Vielen Dank."
After Citizen Erased "Vielen Dank."


The show was broadcast over television[3] and streamed over the internet.[3] A recording of this broadcast is available encoded using x264 in avi format here[registration needed].


  1. Micro Cuts [watch]
    (Manson Delorean, Tobacco Sunburst Pedulla)
  2. New Born [watch]
    (Yamaha P80, Manson Delorean, Tobacco Sunburst Pedulla)
  3. Showbiz + Ashamed outro [watch]
    (Manson Delorean, Tobacco Sunburst Pedulla)
  4. Feeling Good [watch]
    (Yamaha P80, Tobacco Sunburst Pedulla)
  5. Sunburn (Keyboard) [watch]
    (Yamaha P80, Tobacco Sunburst Pedulla)
  6. Hyper Music [watch]
    (Manson Delorean, Tobacco Sunburst Pedulla)
  7. Unintended [watch]
    (Fender Aloha Stratocaster, Larrivee Acoustic)
  8. Citizen Erased [watch]
    (Manson 7 String E Guitar, Tobacco Sunburst Pedulla, Yamaha P80)
  9. Cave [watch]
    (Manson Delorean, Green Bass Collection SB330)
  10. Plug In Baby [watch]
    (Manson Delorean, Tobacco Sunburst Pedulla)
  11. Muscle Museum [watch]
    (Manson Delorean, Tobacco Sunburst Pedulla)
  12. Bliss (Extended) [watch]
    (Manson Delorean, Tobacco Sunburst Pedulla)


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