Minneapolis Target Center 2010 (gig)

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Muse show
Venue Target Center[1][2]
Date 5th October 2010[1][2]
Location Minneapolis, MN[1][2]
Country USA
Songs 16[source?]
Support Passion Pit[2]
Start (UTC−5) 19:30[2]
Capacity Unknown
Price (USD) 56.11–67.51[2][3]
Sold out? Unknown

Announced on the 19th of April 2010, Muse performed inside Target Center in October 2010.[1] A fan pre-sale through Concertmaps began on the 21st of April at 11:00, while general sale started on the 24th at 11:00.[4]

This show marked the first time on the tour that Unnatural Selection was not played at an arena show, Europe and USA included.

Price details

Description Vendor Base price Facility fee Booking fee Transaction fee Taxes Total
General admission Ticketmaster 53.00 2.00 11.60 0§ 0.91 67.51
Lower-level seated 43.00 2.00 10.30 2.50 0.81 56.11
Upper-level seated

‡ $2.50 was the transaction fee when printing tickets out oneself. Other options included collection at the venue's ticket office—which cost 0—and via post, for which the cost is unknown, due to price information being retrieved when posting was no longer possible. The option of posting is likely to have cost the most.

§ As with above, except the option of printing tickets oneself was not available for general admission.



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