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Hello! I am Suzan from the Netherlands and of course I'm a huge Muse fan. :P

I play keyboards and piano and want to learn how to play guitar in the future. I can't play one single note on the guitar right now. xd I love playing Muse songs, I own a few Muse sheet music books and they're good!


I've been to the Nijmegen Goffertpark gig here in Holland, on the 19th of June 2010. Needless to say, it was amazing! I couldn't see very much though, because I'm quite small (5'3) and there were a lot of tall people in front of me. :P But oh well, it still was amazing.

I can't really say which Muse album is my favourite, I truly love them all. My favourite song is definitely Bliss. Listening to it makes my feel like I'm floating, it's so beautiful.


More to come, I hope!

Ideal set list

Just had to do it. :P This night would be perfect:

(yes I know, it's a bit too long, ghehe)

  1. Knights Of Cydonia
  2. Apocalypse Please
  3. Map Of The Problematique
  4. Plug In Baby
  5. Interlude + Hysteria
  6. Space Dementia
  7. Uno
  8. Hyper Music
  9. Resistance
  10. Showbiz
  11. Soldier’s Poem
  12. The Small Print
  13. Sunburn
  14. Time Is Running Out
  15. New Born
  16. Endlessly
  17. Bliss
  18. Micro Cuts
    Encore 1:
  19. Unintended
  20. Starlight
    Encore 2:
  21. Exogenesis: Symphony Part 1 - Overture
  22. Unnatural Selection
  23. Muscle Museum


My Muse collection is rather simple, I simply own all the studio albums (physically, hate the fact that people stop buying CDs). Wish I had more money to expand my collection. :P I do have quite some merchandise though. Can't resist the Muse shop, ghe.




  • Girls Haarp Metallic Logo T-shirt
  • Girls Album Artwork Logo Hooded Sweat


  • Resistance Album Poster
  • Muse Band Door Poster
  • Resistance Band Poster

Other stuff

  • Tour Programme 2010
  • Muse Plectrum Necklace
  • Muse Logo ID Bracelet
  • Resistance Tour Cup (x2!)
  • United States of Eurasia Flag
  • Absolution sheet music book
  • The Resistance sheet music book


Most time on MuseWiki I spend reading. Love how detailed this site is! It's clear that it's created with a lot of care, which I really appreciate.

So much has already been written here, so it's hard to come up with information myself to add to the Wiki. That's why I usually I add stuff to gig pages.

My contributions

Nijmegen Goffertpark 2010 (gig) page

  • Created a speech table. Took me quite some hours listening to bootlegs and searching YouTube to find out who actually said what. :P But it was fun.
  • Added information about Matt not knowing how to pronounce 'Alles oké'.
  • Added alternate lyrics Matt sung during Starlight.
  • Improved some grammar, added links to other pages (mostly songs), added event start and door times and some references.

Like the shows, more to come, I hope!

Other music

Muse is my favourite band by far, but other bands/artists I like are Placebo, Björk, Saybia, Maria Mena, Coldplay and Marina and the Diamonds.

I've been to a Placebo concert twice. The first one was in Rotterdam Ahoy (the Netherlands), on the 3rd of December 2009. I saw Placebo again on the 19th of August at Pukkelpop (Belgium) and I was in the 3rd row (after waiting for 7,5 hours)! I've never been able to be that close to stage before and it took my breath away. Finally, I could see so well! :P I hope that one day I'll be standing that close to Muse during a concert.