Toronto Docks Concert Theatre 2006 (gig)

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Set list
Promotional poster
Muse show
Venue The Docks Concert Theatre[source?]
Date 30th July 2006[source?]
Location Toronto, ON[source?]
Country Canada
Songs 16[source?]
Support The Cloud Room[source?]
Start (UTC-4) 21:00[source?], 20:00[source?] (doors)
Capacity 3,230 (maximum capacity)[source?]
Price (CAD) 35.00[source?]
Sold out? Yes[source?]

Before the concert, Dominic Howard, Tom Kirk and Christopher Wolstenholme went over to some go karts beside the venue and raced. This was in view of the entry line [1].

Howard wore "yellow neon" trousers.

During the intro to Apocalypse Please, Howard stood up and hit his sticks together over his head that got the crowd to clap along, the result worked into the off beat to Bellamy playing the opening notes.


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