Stockholm Syndrome (single)

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Cover art
Back cover
Muse single
Name Stockholm Syndrome
Tracks 2 (download, US promo)
Total length 4:58
Recorded 2003
Writer/composer Matthew Bellamy
Producer Rich Costey
Art work Tom Kirk
  • Download »
  • CD (promo only)
  • CD-R (promo only)
  • DVD-R (promo only)
  • VHS (promo only)
Catalogue № PRO-CD-101512 (US promo)
Release date
  • 14th July 2003 (GB)[1] »
  • 29th March 2005 (US)
Chart position
Album Absolution
single chronology
Dead Star/In Your World
Stockholm Syndrome
Time Is Running Out


"Stockholm Syndrome" was the first single to released from Absolution and was originally a download single, and was later released as the third single from the album on 29th March 2005 in the US.[2] The download single came with the video and high-resolution artwork in PDF format so fans could create their own physical single.


It was rumoured, including indications from Tom Kirk, that the first single from Absolution would be "The Small Print".[3] However, months later it emerged that "Stockholm Syndrome" to be the first single from Absolution, whilst "The Small Print" was never released as a single. The 2-track radio promotional CD was created to accompany the download in the US. In addition promotional CD-Rs and DVD-Rs were distributed in the US and the UK.

Track list


US promo

  1. Stockholm Syndrome (Edit) – 4:03
  2. Stockholm Syndrome (Album Version) – 4:56

Promo CD-Rs

  1. Stockholm Syndrome (Edit) – 4:06

Promo DVD-R

Promo VHS

Stockholm Syndrome Gallery


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