Stockholm SVT TV-Huset 2012 (gig)

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Muse performing
Matt with Fredrik Skavlan (center) and guests Øystein Stray Spetalen (left), E.L. James and Margot Wallström
Muse show
Venue Studio 2,[1] SVT TV-Huset[1] [en: SVT TV House] (Skavlan[2][3])
Date 13th September 2012[3]
Location Stockholm[1]
Country Sweden
Songs 1[4]
Support None
Start (UTC+2) 16:30[1], 15:45[1] (doors)
Price (SEK) Free[1]
Sold out?

A TV show performance in support of the newly released single Madness from the then upcoming The 2nd Law.


Muse performed during episode 81 of Skavlan, which was broadcasted on the 14th of September on NRK TV.[2]

Madness was played live for the first time. This performance marked the debut for the Manson Matt Black and the Status Kitara Doubleneck Bass.

During the first take, when Matt was about to sing, he mixed-up/forgot the lyrics and they had to restart the performance. The fail was followed by Dom doing a "ba dum tss". (watch)


During Madness Bellamy "Like some kind of Madness has taken to evolve"
After false start Stop! I forgot the fuckin’ lyrics. [chuckles][3]



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