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Translated reviews of the 2000-01-08 gig at Rouen, France.

This concert my friends!

By Fedmahn 9/01/2000 at 00:00:00

Rouen 8/01/00

They set it on fire! Too bad for the few moshers who had to involve security but otherwise, sensational! The way of the singer is... terrible! The drummer changed drumsticks in rhythm, logical what! (Prove that I do not reach again!). Finally all that to say that MUSE is a very nice group of the beginning of 2000 and that I hope that they will not stop in so good way... (the disappointment of end of concert: they left too fast).

If you were there, mail me to speak about it...


Original article: 9th January 2000


By Sam

10/01/2000 at 00:00:00

Hello everyone!

WOAW! I came back from the Rouen last night (Sunday).

Excellent performance as usual, despite a broken string for Matt and a recalcitrant pedal for Chris. I think everyone got off to a good start tonight, both the band and the audience, and in spite of that the first part was out of context (a mix of Placebo for the overall look and Marilyn Manson for music) in my opinion, and this "micro stand" so little regulatory (connoisseurs will understand).

Well, I'm looking forward to seeing them in Marseille :) And to answer Virginie, it's true, stop the groupies that stick them like that, and you too from elsewhere, you could leave Dom to the others for just 2 min for the photo anyway, now it will take you.

Good bye!


Original article: 10th January 2000

It is true...

By Woj 11/01/2000 at 00:00:00

Rouen exo7

It is true that this concert in Rouen was terribly good. I did not know Muse before but now I really love them. Live it to much more fishing than on CD but the record is still good.

For what remembers the mat reminder to pick up a cd and this cd it was mine, the group is called karma donuts and it will soon peter, for what we will be on January 29 to our lady from gravenchon to the arcade and the 05 february at mac deads haven!

Go to more!

Original article: 11th January 2000

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He sings too well

By Jon Greenwood 3/02/2000 at 00:00:00

I was at the concert on January 8 at the Exo 7 in Rouen and it was coooool ... he sings too well and plays the guitar as well as my buddy Stan, that is to say very well. In addition the concert was great and the songs were better than on the album.

I hope they will come back as soon as possible...


Original article: 3rd February 2000

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